Terms & Conditions

Pre-Booking Visits

We encourage you to visit our cattery before boarding your pet for the first time. Please book an appointment even if its a 10 minute warning 01548 521702. Please don't just come because this is also a private family home not just a cattery.

Check In

Please arrange time with us to drop off and collect your cats. We can be flexible to suit your needs but an appointment time must be made. Please remember to give yourself plenty of time when arriving for the first time. This is so you can tell us as much about your feline friend as possible to ensure they enjoy their stay.

Check Out

Please arrange a check out time with us when you drop off your cats. We reserve the right to refuse late check out and charge for the additional night of boarding.


All cats must be vaccinated against feline enteritis, cat flu and other relevant diseases. If unvaccinated your cat will be unable to stay.

All vaccinations should be completed 1 week before boarding and your certificate must be produced on arrival. If you fail to bring your vaccination certificate we will attempt to confirm by phone with your veterinary surgery. However, if this is not possible  your pet cannot be checked in.

Charging Policy

We charge per night.


All necessary medication must be supplied with clear instructions on administration. In most cases medication can be continued at no extra charge.


All belongings left on the premises are left entirely at the risk of the client. Any bedding must be clean and parasite free.

Balance of Account

This is payable on check out. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or BACS. We reserve the right to request this payment to be made in cash at any time before admittance of pet(s) for boarding and reserve the right to refuse admission should this payment not be forthcoming. Pets will not be released until the payment has been made in full.

Veterinary Fees

Should your cat require any veterinary treatment we will take your cat to your vet (if local). If this is not possible we will take your cat to our vets for treatment. Any fees that occur must be settled by you with the veterinary practice.


Please ensure you cat is fleaed and wormed a few days before boarding. (use of Bob Martins is not accecptable nor are shop flea collars) Remember to record when and what you have used. Please use a veterinary/pharmacy product. If your pet is not treated we can provide treatment at an extra cost.

Uncollected Cats

Any cat left uncollected within 14 days of the date due to leave the cattery without communication from the pet owner or their representative will be classified as abandoned and handed over to an animal rehoming establishment at our discretion.